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Talent & Workforce

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Coweta County is a recognized leader in developing the talent and workforce a company needs.

With a working age population of over 3.7 million people within a 45-minute drive, Coweta County is geographically located to help companies attract workers from throughout the west Georgia/east Alabama region.

In addition, Coweta County has gained national recognition for several unique partnerships that is helping enhance the jobs skills of the future workforce.  In 2000, Central Educational Center (CEC) became the model for the college and career academy initiative in Georgia and several other states.  Then, in 2016, Coweta County became the first community in the nation to develop an apprenticeship program using a consortium of local industries.  Through these unique opportunities, Coweta County companies can help shape the future of the local workforce by identifying the occupations and skills that are in demand now and those that will be in the future.