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Coweta County Business Incentives

Working with our government officials, state partners, and community assets, the Coweta County Development Authority (CCDA) can tailor a business incentive package to help meet the needs of your company. Let us know what we can do to help make your project a reality in Coweta County.

Coweta County’s business incentives are available to qualified existing industries and to companies considering Coweta County as a new home.

Bond Financing
Property Tax Reduction
Freeport Exemptions
Central Educational Center (CEC)
One Stop Local Permitting
Other local incentives may be available on a case-by-case basis.

Single Factor Apportionment
Job Tax Credit
Port Job Tax Credit Bonus
Quality Job Tax Credit
Childcare Tax Credit
Research and Development Tax Credit
Retraining Tax Credit
Sales & Use Tax Exemptions
QuickStart Training
Labor Assistance

Existing Industry Programs
Investment Tax Credit
Existing Industry Job Tax Credit Bonus

For information on these incentives or how we can help facilitate your project in Coweta County, contact the Coweta County Development Authority at 770-304-1777 or e-mail