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About the Authority

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The Coweta County Development Authority is the primary point of contact for economic development activities in Coweta County.

The Coweta County Development Authority was created in 1966 through a local amendment to the Georgia Constitution. The Development Authority consists of a five-member volunteer board, appointed by the Coweta County Commission. In addition, a seven-member board, the Development Authority of Coweta County, was established by legislation in 1973. These two boards work together to support and enhance economic development in Coweta County.  

Working with local, regional, state and national partners, the Development Authority works to encourage and promote economic development activity in the county, whether through the location of a new company or through the expansion of an existing facility.

Business and industrial clients receive assistance in many areas of the development process, including:

· Developed industrial sites
· Available industrial buildings
· Low-cost bond financing
· Ad Valorem tax liability
· Permitting & approval
· Temporary office space
· State and local incentives
· Utilities
· Workforce 

The Development Authority meets monthly, generally on the first Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the Authority office. The public is welcome to attend Development Authority meetings.

The Coweta County Development Authority and The Development Authority of Coweta County Staff and Board Members:

TW color_2018
 Trae Westmoreland

 100 International Park
 Newnan, GA 30265

 Business Phone: 770-304-1777
 Cell Phone: 404-754-0799
AF color_2018
 Amanda Fields
 Director, Existing Industries & Workforce  Development

 100 International Park
 Newnan, GA 30265

 Business Phone: 770-304-1777
 Cell Phone: 404-844-6550
Steve Stripling_2016_web  Steve Stripling
 United Bank (retired)

Ronnie Clotfelter_2016_web


 Ronnie Clotfelter
 Chick-fil-A, Coweta Crossroads







Mike Barber_2016

 Mike Barber
Jackson-Clark Properties

Rob Brass_2016_web  Rob Brass
 Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Jan Alligood_2016

 Jan Alligood 
 Newnan Country Club

Terry Daviston_2016_web

 Terry Daviston
 McKoon Funeral Home







Rich Westerfield2  Rich Westerfield
 Yokogawa Corporation

 Jerry Ann Conner_2016


 Jerry Ann Conner
 Legal Counsel

 Glover & Davis
 10 Brown Street
 Newnan, GA 30263



Rob Brass 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Rob Brass 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes